Sunday, April 12, 2009

My hate call from an anti-tobacco wacko

Click the pink 'play' button. Read the editorial that sparked this wacky phone call; it's the Stumptoons post from 4/10/09 titled "Coffee and Cigars."

I dedicate this picture to that genteel woman. This outstanding portrait of moi is by Nate Walkner, photographer extraordinaire. Looks even cooler enlarged, with the smoke swirling around (click it to enlarge).


jin said...

Is it strange that upon enlarging the photo I hear Dirty Harry in the background saying, "Go ahead. Make. My. Day."

Heehee! My word veri is "preedi". That's how you look in the pic, preedi edumacated! ;-)

Nate said...

i hate smoking, but i love that picture

David said...

Me too (the picture part, that is...I like smoking...cigars only of course...hate cigarettes). This is one of the best portrait shots ever... the only one that might be better of me is the one where I'm nude on a bearskin rug...taken last year.

Anonymous said...

HAHA DUDE! Whats your number i will leave you a few good ones to post!

No more HTR? WTF?

Why can't we all just git along!

WE ARE DOOMED! And cannot save anybody OUT!