Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm still cringing.

There is a short article in today's paper about Kevin Voysey's proposal to open a new restaurant in downtown Two Rivers. In brief, his proposal was made to the Two Rivers' Business and Industrial Development Committee and basically outlined that he and another fellow want to open a quality eatery in an existing large and attractive space on Washington Street.

Kevin owns the building but the city owns the equipment from two previous restaurant ventures that didn't pan out (with different operators...Kevin was not involved in those operations but wants to be directly involved with this one). There are more details to the story but the gist of it is that Kevin wants to open the place up, which has been closed since the last guy closed shop, and he wants to purchase the equipment from the city, on an installment plan, in order to do so.

The city is requiring him to present a couple things (a loan application and a business plan) before they decide whether or not to give him the go-ahead. Requiring a business plan is a very good idea. A business plan is essential, for Kevin as much as anyone else, so that he can clearly see where he wants to go with the project and how he may best be able to get there. Putting together a thorough business plan is sound wisdom.

But this Daft post isn't really about Kevin and his partner's proposed restaurant plan. It is partly about his willingness to step forward and basically subject himself to more pain and harassment from the uninformed loudmouths on the HTR's online newspaper site. The story is only a couple hours old and the magpies are already twiddling their claws over their keyboards in a flurry of conceited responses. There are comments posted about how the restaurant concept is a bad one, the BIDC would be "throwing good money after bad," it won't work in TR, yada yada... Unfortunately, the nattering of those neighbobs of negativity is inevitable. Personally, I say more power to Kevin. Hats off and a big raise of the beer stein to you, my friend.

But as soon as I read the second paragraph I began to cringe, and the cringing continued as I read, realizing that Kevin was setting himself up for a bit of pummeling. But I'm sure he knew that would be coming as soon as he made the decision to present the idea. Whether he ends up going forward with it or not he gets a samurai bow from me for having the guts to step up to the plate. The online rabble who only know how to criticize and knock someone down deserve nothing but disdain, and the Daft award for this week.


David said...

Had to share this funny email I got from Kevin. Love his sense of humor about those fools.

"Thank you. You're right, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I went to that pond. I knew those stalking predator bastards (that want to f**k with you to compensate for their tiny penises) would be waiting to pounce and slash on me given an opportunity. The truth is, they're not even hungry - it’s just a side show for them, because that pond is where all the action is.
And as for the bloggers> Your right, F**k-em

The small penis compensation analysis cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

Well, is mr V a potty mouth, his pea pea size and that of others plays into his ego.

That place may be doomed, 25K is not enough to open a place half the size.........

Miss your lip on the HTR site? Still pissy? Blame lee he is buddys with the flem down there, he gives them free meat balls!

David said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't know or care anything about Kevin's "size." I agree, 25k is a very modest number for such an undertaking. Yeah, I'm pissy about the forum bunch, but honestly it's become more of an issue of how to best spend my time, and arguing with fools seems kind of fruitless. Now and then I check it and once in a while am tempted to join the very infrequent "good" conversation, but those are so few and far between.

Who is this anyway, what's your name? Thanks for making a comment on the blog too. Take care.

Anonymous said...


David said...

Hi Dave,
The use of mostly small case letters and no capital letters threw me, although I had an inkling it was you. Free meat balls...good one. Hope your summer was a good one.